ESA Phone Number for UK Benefits

0843 515 9427

ESA Phone Number 0843 515 9427

Our ESA (Employment Support Allowance)Phone Number, directs you to the ESA’s main Customer Service Team, where they will endeavour to assist you with your enquiry.

The ESA are there to help and assist you if you find yourself in a position where you are unable to work, advising you on what financial support is available and personalised around you circumstanses, by calling the ESA Contact Number 0843 515 9427 one of their agents will gladly assist you. You are able to apply for ESA if you are employed, self employed or unemployed, however you may claim ESA if you have been claiming benefits such as Income Support and Incapacity Allowance.

So what might you be entitled to?

Weeks 1-13              Under 25 yrs                                                  £56.25 pw
Weeks 1-13              25 or over                                                     £71.00 pw
From 14 Weeks        Part of Work Related Activity Group up to    £99.15 pw
From 14 Weeks        Part of a Support Group up to                       £105.05 pw

ESA Phone NumberThe amount you get simply depends on your current circumstances, the total amount of income you receive and the ESA you are entitled to - you will be paced in to one of the following categories: Contribution Based ESA and Income-Based ESA. To find out what group you fall into call our ESA Phone Number 0843 515 9427.

Week 13 you will be placed into a group:

Work Related Activity Group
This group will require you to meet and have regular interviews with an advisor, where they will help with interview techniques, general life skills and work related skills.
Support Group
In this group you do not have to attend interviews, however you can call and talk to an advisor at any time if you need any help or assistance. This group is mainly for people who have illness or a disability which severely affects what you are able to do.

How do I claim?

The quickest and most direct way to claim is to call the ESA and discuss your case with their highy trained agents, you can call their team on 0843 515 9427 between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternativly you can return a completed ESA1 Form to your local Job Centre Plus Office.

There are a few things you need to have ready;

* National Insurance Number
* Medical Certificate
* GP’s Address & Phone Number
* Home & Mobile Phone Numbers
* Mortgage or Landlords’ details
* A copy of your Council Tax Bill
* Employer’s address and contact details, including the days you worked
* Your bank account details
* Details of all other benefits you are recieving, including Sick Pay

Call our Employtment Support Allowance (ESA) Phone Number on 0842 515 9427 and discuss your case with one of their agents, they will be able to get the ball rolling with your application and assist you along the way.

ESA Phone Number

0843 515 8127

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